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At Surf Okanagan we help you surf Kelowna differently. Our motorized surfboards allow you to cruise the Okanagan at speeds of 55 kmh! Surfing the Okanagan has never been easier. Get on the lake and experience freedom like never before.

Why rent a seadoo? Try our jetboards and experience freedom on the water like never before!

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Have you always wanted to surf in Kelowna in a totally different way? Are you tired of the wakeboarding, seadoo, and boat rentals? Are you wanting to have freedom on the lake like never before? Well, you’re going to love our motorized surfboards. With speeds of up to 55kms you will never go back to anything else. Surf Kelowna in style.

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Why Motorized Surfboards?

Because there is nothing like it.

Surf Kelowna in a completely different way. Traditional ways of surfing are out. Create your own waves and jump them.


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We Carry Three Different Brands

We are the authorized dealer for different board brands and we help you get the best board at the best price. We want to see ownership expand. We can let you test the boards and see which one you find yourself more fit for. From electric to gas, we got you covered. Just like a car dealership, you need selection to make a choice. Don’t be cornered into buying one brand, see them all. Contact us and we can help!

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