So you are looking to jetsurf in Kelowna? This FAQ should provide you with all the answers you want so you can rent a jetsurf in Kelowna with ease. While jetsurfing is relatively new, it is also relatively easy. We are your premium jetsurf board rental company in Kelowna. We will provide you with the training and equipment to get on the water. It will take you a couple of tries, but jet surfing is easy. And once you have a good grip on it, you will always come back for more.

Monday – Sunday 10:00 am 7:00 pm

Book Online for available times.

Our headquarters is in Kelowna, BC. We currently have rentals available on Okanagan Lake only with our launch site being.

You must be 18 years old with a valid drivers license.

We offer a 48 hour cancellation policy. Anything less than 48 hours before your booking you will NOT be refunded.

Rentals will run in light rain and minimally poor weather conditions. If we decide the weather conditions are not safe for you and your family, we will cancel your lesson or rental. Weather conditions are monitored right up to the departure time, and cancellations can be made by Surf Okanagan up to one hour prior to your scheduled rental or lesson. If we cancel, you will be given the opportunity to reschedule based on availability, receive a credit toward a future rental or a refund will be considered on an individual basis.

You will learn how to safely operate and care for the board, how to balance, what to do and not to do. A skilled instructor will be there for questions and help.

We provide all the safety equipment needed – USCG approved life vest, safety helmet and engine shut-off key.

The board is designed to accommodate riders up to 260 lbs.

No, anyone can learn to Jetsurf. The water conditions can be a factor but conditions in the Okanagan Lake make it an ideal place to learn. You do not have to have previous surf boarding experience. Most of our first-time riders get up with our mini briefing lesson that comes with your rental. The Jetsurf Tube can be added to your board. The inflation around the board can be a big help for first time riders and children. We will add this at no extra charge if wanted, but you may want to consider a private lesson if you want to maximize your riding time.

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