Jetsurfing Kelowna is the latest awesome water sport! So are you ready to jetsurf Kelowna?

If you’re looking for a new, uniquely Kelowna experience, then jetsurfing is the way to go! This water sport is like wakeboarding on steroids. You fly over the surface of the water at high speed with your feet strapped into a jet-ski that’s towed behind an airboat. It’s exhilarating and you don’t need any previous experience to do it! If you want to take part in this experience, here are some things to know before you jump on. Let’s get started, shall we?

Designed by Formula 1 engineer Martin Sula, this board combines surfing and water skiing to create a whole new way to enjoy the beach. The Czech company Jetstream, founded by Martin Sula in 2008, wanted to take motorized surfboards to a whole new level of excellence, pushing the boundaries of high-octane water sports and creating a JetSurf unlike anything the world has ever seen or experienced. . And by cheat, we mean replacing your board with a Jetsurf, a motorized surfboard that lets you race waves at high speed.

Rent a motorized surfboard and experience incredible freedom on the lake. So you can ride it through the waves like a surfboard, or use it to cruise along the coast like a stand-up motorized kayak racing among paddlers, because annoying people is fun. Jet surfing is great on its own, it’s similar to wakeboarding but it offers much more control over your speed and the way you spin is similar to skateboarding and snowboarding. Finally, the factory JetSurf is slightly more dynamic than ultrasport, making it another fantastic choice for outdoor enthusiasts who might want to get a little creative with tricks and trajectories.

Rent a Jetsurf board

You don’t need to buy your own jetsurf board. You can rent one for a couple hours!


jetsurf kelowna

lots of fun!