Motorized Surfboard Canada

Motorized Surfboards Canada

Have you decided it’s time for a motorized surfboard purchase in Canada and you are not sure where to start? What are the best boards? What are the best prices? That’s why I’m here to help. When I got into the motorized surfboard game I was dupped. I was told there was really only one company and that they made the best boards. Especially here in Canada there is only one motorized surfboard dealer outside of me. And let’s just say you don’t want to deal with him. Plus, he only sells you the one option. I will present you with a wide varieties of different companies and boards and will do all the work for you. Start to finish. We also are an authorized dealer and can provide repairs and service for most of the boards. If you are looking for a motorized surfboard in Canada look no further.


The Different Models

At this point in the game there are dozens of different models. Let me save you some time on motorized surfboards. If you are looking in China you are best out of luck. Unless you are a mechanic or prepared to loose thousands of dollars that you may never see again, forget it. There are electric models, there are gas models. There are electric ones with replaceable batteries, there are some that you have no choice but to charge that battery again before getting on the water. Most gas ones are two stroke engines, some will last an hour or on the water, some an hour and half, and some three hours. I’ve done all the ground work for you so let me help you find the best models here in Canada.

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Buying a Board

If you’ve reached this it means you want to buy a motorized surfboard in Canada. The process is easy. Depending on where you live we can work out shipping details. There are a couple different shipping methods. For the same price it costs to ship the board, the team flies there and brings you the board. We teach you how to use the board and also how to trouble shoot its typical issues. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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