Motorized Surfboard Dealer

Are you looking to purchase a motorized surfboard in Canada or in the USA?


Are you wanting to see what your options are and talk with a professional about all your options? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We are your experts in motorized surfboards. We have tried every brand from gas to electric and we can help you get the right board. With a wide selection, we can help you make the right choice for you.

Used Motorized Surfboards

Are you wanting to purchase a used motorized surfboard? Purchasing a used motorized surfboard may save you a few thousand dollars. Most motorized surfboards are taken well care of as they are pretty expensive. So if you are interested in purchasing a used motorized surfboard you will still be getting a really good product. We can absolutely help you through this process and connect you with the best-used board.

New Motorized Surfboards

If you are looking to purchase new motorized surfboards we can also help you with that endeavour. Purchasing a new surfboard is one of the best water activity investments you can make. Why own a boat or a seadoo when it’s just a pain to actually get it out of the water. Storage and maintenance fees are outrageous! For the price of boat, you can buy four brand new motorized surfboards for the whole family to enjoy. Let us help you find the right board!

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