Looking To Paddleboard Kelowna?

Rent A Motorized Surfboard Instead



Are You Always Just Renting A Paddleboard In Kelowna?

Let’s face it, paddleboarding in Kelowna seems like a really fun activity. From the outside, it seems like hours of fun. But after 20 minutes you quickly realize that it requires a lot of effort and it is not as fun as promised. With a motorized surfboard, you can explore Okanagan Lake like never before at speeds of up to 50kms! If you want to try something different this summer instead of paddleboarding in Kelowna, consider renting a motorized surfboard instead. You can head over to our homepage where you can learn more about motorized surfboarding in Kelowna. If you still want to rent a paddleboard in Kelowna after spending time on the website we recommend you look up our friend’s SUP Board rentals. But we doubt you’ll want to do that after learning all about it!



Look…We don’t have anything against paddleboarding in Kelowna. We just want you to try something different. Something with a little more speed and little more thrill. But don’t think for once that you still don’t get a good workout in the water with our motorized surfboards. All we are saying is simply…before you go back to your googling for paddleboarding in Kelowna consider surfing with speed instead!




paddleboarding kelowna

We thought you would enjoy this meme about paddleboarding in Kelowna! We hope to see you out on the water soon! Oh and remember. Since most paddleboarders in Kelowna find themselves on their belly most of the time…You can also ride these motorized surfboards on your belly. See! There you go now you can still paddleboard but get out of a wavy situation fast enough. Don’t limit yourself but just simply paddleboarding in Kelowna. Do something exciting with your friends and book one of our boards now before they are all gone!



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