Say goodbye to the old way of wakeboarding Kelowna and hello to your new favourite way of riding waves. Introducing motorized surfboards in Kelowna.

These days, wakeboards are everywhere on Lake Okanagan during the summer months. It’s a really fun activity I must admit. But what’s the point of wakeboarding anyway? The point is to catch some nice waves at really fast speeds and make some awesome jumps. At least, that’s why I do it! And if that’s what you want to do then renting a motorized surfboard is the progressive next step. You got experience keeping balance on board? This is perfect for you then. I will further tell you why…

These motorized surfboards, also known as jetsurfing, go to speeds of 55kms! That’s roughly the speed of the boat that would be tugging you along on the lake is going. So there you go, don’t need a boat anymore. Okay, but what about the waves? There are tons of waves out on the lake and now you don’t need to depend on being tied down behind a boat to make some cool jumps. You now can go out yourself and pursue those jumps. And my my…you can get some really awesome air!

So you read my whole spiel on wakeboarding Kelowna different with motorized surfboards. Now its time to look at some pictures below and ask yourself if it looks fun or not. Our rental rates are super affordable and we have good plans for those who want to keep coming back riding more. Head over to our homepage to book now! In the meantime check out these people having an awesome time.


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